Open Back Fountains

We sell and professionally install all of our fountains, grottos, and waterfalls. The open back fountains are intended to place against a fence or wall. This waterfall may be placed centrally if plants or other means are used to camouflage the open back.

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Stacked Rock
Price: $1,200 (includes delivery and set up)

Molded from real flagstone, this fountain offers a popular look that conveys luxury and high quality craftsmanship. 

Rock ledges can support plants or other items so you can achieve your own custom look.

This low splash design is ideal for indoors or garden locations.

Available in all colors.

Flow rate 350 gph   

Weight 75 lbs.                       

Size:  53"H x 44"W x 35"D  


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Price: $1,200 (includes delivery and set up)

This beautifully crafted fountain is designed for indoor/outdoor use.

At home against a wall of your garden or pool area, or in a spacious courtyard, the water gently trickles down the rock face making a natural sound. 

Flow rate 500 gph  

Weight 75 lbs                      

Size: 44"H x 48"W x 42"D


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Agua Serena
Price: $899 (includes delivery and set up)

This fountain ships in a carton, via UPS or FedEx. 

The small footprint allows you to place this fountain even in the smallest of patio spaces.

Flow rate 350 gph            

Weight 45 lbs                       

Size: 54"H x 31.5"W x 19.5"D


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