Closed Back Fountains

The closed back fountains can be placed anywhere!

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Country Rock
Price: $999 (includes delivery and set up)

Designed to look like a stack of rough broken rock boulders stacked into a garden fountain.

This fountain has an enclosed back so it can be placed in a central area of the garden.

Flow rate 500 gph            

Weight 65 lbs                       

Size: 34"H x 48"W x 36"D      


Bubbler Fountain
Price: $999 (includes delivery and set up)

This fountain is molded from real boulders. It's water reservoir is hidden underneath using a rubber liner!

Water spills out from the top of the lowest boulder, all the way around. The upper boulder provides an area where a plant can be placed. The sound is a subtle ripple that can be heard from all sides.

Flow rate 1200 gph         

Weight: 85 lbs.       

Size: 27"H x 58"W x 38"D


Price: $1,200 (includes delivery and set up)

This fountain offers a robust water flow of 20 gallons per minute!

Molded using real rock this fountain will complement any environment. 

Available in all colors.

Flow rate 1200 gph             

Weight 65 lbs                          

Size: 30"H x 48"W x 64"D


Mini Gusher
Price: $1,500 (includes delivery and set up)

This is a beautiful fountain with 360 degrees of water flowing from all sides.

This fountain can be the center-piece of your garden or lobby.

Flow rate 500 gph             

Weight 110 lbs                      

Size: 45"H x 64"W x 62"D


River Rock
Price: $799 (includes delivery and set up)

This fountain has a nice subtle flow of water that brings a pleasant sound to your garden. 

Molded from real river rock!

Flow rate 350 gph    

Weight 55 lbs               

Size: 24"H x 53"W x 60"D



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