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Solar Ionization
Floatron is the original portable water purifier combining solar electric power generation with a process called ionization.  This process was first developed by NASA for use aboard moon-bound Apollo spacecraft to maintain pure drinking water.  By introducing atomic amounts of specific minerals into water, microorganisms such as algae and bacteria cannot survive.  While these ions, or atoms, are completely safe and non-toxic to you, microscopic life forms cannot exist under their influence.  Unlike chlorine, which loses potency after only hours, the mineral ions produced by the floatron remain effective for weeks.

How Floatron Works
When floating on the water, sunlight is converted into electricity by the advanced technology solar panel.  This harmless, low power current energizes a specially alloyed metallic electrode below waterline.  This causes the release of mineral ions into the surrounding water.  The ionized water now efficiently controls microorganism growth in your pool.
Some contaminants in your pool such as dust, suntan lotion, body fluids, etc. are not affected by minerals.  An accumulation of these things will tend to cloud the water, therefore a small amount of chlorine is necessary to dissolve them to maintain crystal clear conditions.  Only small amounts are necessary.  AN 80% REDUCTION IN CHLORINE REQUIREMENT IS TYPICAL.  If no chlorine at all is preferred, other oxidizers may be substituted such as bromine, or oxygen based compounds, which are readily available.

Safe, Effective, and Economical
Floatron is totally safe and non-toxic, with absolutely no electrical shock hazard.  Swimming with the unit in the water is perfectly normal, and eliminates the irritations, odors, and bleaching associated with chlorine.  Floatron ionized water falls within EPA established drinking water standards and avoids the toxicity of high chemical levels.  Additionally, the water remains clear and stable for extended periods because the minerals do not evaporate out.  Unlike chlorine, hot summer conditions do not degrade the performance of the ions.  In fact, the hotter it is, the better it works.
Floatron costs nothing to power and operate.  The only part requiring replacement is the mineral electrode which will last approximately 1-2 years and takes only a minute to change. Replacement cost is minimal.

Design Excellence
Floatron is built to last.  Made in the USA under strict quality controls.  No moving parts.  Constructed of space-age polymers which are weather, water, sunlight, and chemical resistant.  The solar panel incorporates the most efficient photovoltaic cells available.  The mineral electrode is alloyed from the special combination of ultra pure elemental metals.

Manufacturer's Warranty
Floatron is backed by a 24 month coverage against defects in materials and workmanship.